by Obed Marsh

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Tolujin thumbnail
Tolujin There's no shortage of Lovecraft-inspired doom metal out there but this is a cut above most. Uncanny melodies, bewitching jazz-like (NOT jazzy) chord sequences and a great grasp of when to build and when to release. Sublime. Favorite track: Deficient.
Sonny92 thumbnail
Sonny92 A Lovecraftian concept album of funeral doom that does manage to convey an unsettling feeling of unease and an inexplicable notion that there is something very sinister going on, just under the surface of our reality.
Shaggy Bones
Shaggy Bones thumbnail
Shaggy Bones I'm a pretty big Lovecraft fan, so when I heard about this I knew I needed it in my collection. The feeling I get from this album is that of pure black horror. If you've ever read At the Mountains of Madness, Shadow Over Innsmouth, or Dagon, then try to imagine this as being the perfect musical companion to those dark tales. The twisted, evil, cosmic creatures, the paranoid fear, the terror of the unknown; This album has it all.
Gematriel thumbnail
Gematriel The vocals are a grower on this one. Make sure you listen to the album and not just a track or two !
@CelticFrosty thumbnail
@CelticFrosty Lovecraftian doom done right. The vocals are perfect. A must buy for fans of the genre.
Joseph Yerka AKA LOGHM
Joseph Yerka AKA LOGHM thumbnail
Joseph Yerka AKA LOGHM They came from the water just to buy copies of this album. Great atmospheric blackened doom with amazing aesthetics throughout. Favorite track: Desquamate.
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Innsmouth was written, recorded, and produced by Obed Marsh at various times and places between April 2014 & May 2016.


released July 19, 2016

Innsmouth Ritual / Deficient / Desquamate by S. Ford
Esoteric Order / Usurpers / Seeping Wombs by S. Ford & D. Griffiths
Prologue / Epilogue by D. Griffiths

Drums / Lead Guitars / Vocals by S. Ford
Guitars / Bass / Backing Vocals / Effects by D. Griffiths

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by D. Griffiths
Cover artwork by Mark Cooper

Obed Marsh is Sam Ford & Drew Griffiths
Special thanks to J. Mossop & D. Lockhart



all rights reserved


Obed Marsh Perth, Australia

Spreading the word since MMXIV

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Track Name: Innsmouth Ritual
drag me to the stone
offer acrid discharge
as from an ulcer
baneful ritualistic scorn
raised from the sea
my blood - wasted pittance
a slave, i will not be
hail dagon
Track Name: Esoteric Order
tracing black letters with verdant slime
ever lusting for the soil's flesh
bloodletting the filth-crusted masses
the frail, pitiful, misshapen husks
they aimlessly wander, perish
blindly decomposing, useless cunts
our liturgy will rid them of pain
take my tendrilous hand and evolve
or fall to the mass graves
our rotten foundations
Track Name: Usurpers
symbolic shadows fill the streets
oppressive grasp choking life from stead
his whispers spreading like disease
a specter from the sea
the noisome rancor of the gurgling tides
drowns the murmurs of our gilled father
blasphemous discourse of the ocean fills our throats
atop the salt-shrine
blasphemous emblems balk at the light
dripping fingers caress the altar
Track Name: Deficient
pathetic resilience, washed away in rotting pieces
putrid splinters
flayed bone
rising inanimate
a purposeless resistance against the tide
our writhing hands unburden the slate
cleanse the palate of this world
Track Name: Desquamate
my skin writhes
changes this bestial form
caving humanity lost to the sea
this is not me
scaled appendage bursts forth
stranger, come with me
let me burn your lungs with salt and brine
Track Name: Seeping Wombs
nothing left
only sick blackness now
plagues from the depths ravage the streets
the vessel has brought us his realm
for us to sunder
for us to suckle
poisoning the veins of the withered race
nautical spawn summoned forth upon the sun-bleached
we are availed of all
thus spake dagon